Community means a feeling of harmony with others, as a result of sharing common attitudes, interests, and goals. Our goals include more than hair and basic hair services. We incorporate community-based practices to provide deep roots right here, with you. Wherever possible, we support our neighbours and source all of our products based on distance from home, sustainability, and performance. We're here to cater to your needs and your community's needs, whether that be by paying it forward or simply sitting down and getting a damn good haircut. We're here for it. Being that this is a bodega style space ( live-work ) we are always here for you.  

Community Salons was founded by Jamie. Born in Victoria and raised in Vancouver's West End, Jamie has lived in the Cook Street area for the last seven years. He began cutting hair in 1997 and continued to learn and study the craft himself, as well as train at New York's Bumble and Bumble University, at Toronto's esteemed Vidal Sassoon Academy, and the Vancouver Hair Academy. Jamie created Community Salons in order to ground the industry with the values he embraces and to make it work for all of us.

We offer a range of cuts and colours, all based around what you can afford, from the Quick and Dirty to the Take My Time, PLEASE!! Colour prices are based on time and desired look and will always be reasonable. We also offer classes for all levels, ranging from beginner to professional. Whether you’ve never tried to cut hair before or you want to teach the practice yourself, Community Salons plan on having programs and offerings tailored to your skill-set and goals. Our studio provides classes that are catered to you so you can always find a session that works with your skill-set and schedule. Each of our classes is designed to help you NOT give the "worst cut ever" while maintaining what makes you "you".  

Discover your style with Community Salons.